Unicomfort Freight provides a wide range of logistic services for all kind of Industry needs.

Ship managmenting and ship handling

Food & Perishable Cargo

Unicomfort Freight has years of experience in handling the shipment of food products, both ambient and chilled, into Cyprus markets.

We are committed to ensure that your perishable shipments of goods will arrive on time and will handling loading or unloading on time. Our office works with customers who are importing or exporting different types of perishables which include agro-products, foodstuffs, livestock, pharmaceuticals and more.

We provide services for the following products:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meats, fish and seafood
  • Livestock
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hi-tech equipment with climate control

It is important that the air waybills for perishable shipments are completed. Full name, address and telephone number of the shipper and consignee must be mentioned. Temperature requirements must be indicated in the air waybill and must be marked on packages in bold letters below the name and address of the consignee

Full Port Agency

  • Pre-arrival preparation
  • Customs entry and clearance of vessels and cargoes
  • Ordering of pilot and towing services for docking and sailing vessel movements
  • Keeping parties fully informed regarding prospects and vessels port movements
  • Monitoring and coordinating port operations, stevedoring and cargo handling
  • Arranging suitable assistance to provide vessel repairs, surveys, spares, ship stores, nautical charts and specialist technicians
  • Arranging and coordinating bunkering, fresh water and waste removal service
  • Arranging and storage facilities
  • Attending and representing principal at the of port call
  • Detailed and accurate of Pro-forma and final charge accounts
  • Post departure: documentation and settlement of final payments account for services rendered

Sub Agency

  • Back office duty to other shipping agencies
  • Inward and outward clearances
  • Attending vessel
  • Cash to master hand over
  • Deliver packages

Liner Agency

Unifcomfort Freight has the experience to help liner operators in break bulk, containers, or car carrier sectors to be the most successful.

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Unicomfort Freight has the knowledge to assist and support liner operators in break bulk, container, or car carrier sectors get to markets. Our extensive worldwide network agency delivers the advantage of dealing with one agent at destination markets, ports of call, or entire trades.

Our professional services include:

  • The Liaison with shippers and receivers
  • Stevedoring
  • Supervision
  • Container control
  • Local transportation and logistics services
  • Warehousing, cold storage and distribution facilities
  • Cargo and claims handling
  • Cargo brokerage
  • Well established relationships with local Port Authorities, Customs, Immigration and other relevant agencies

Benefits of Vessel Charters:

  • Choice of suitable charter vessel
  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Extended reach to varied destinations including those that are less frequented by other vessel chartering companies

Ship Chartering

Unicomfort Freight provides a comprehensive vessel chartering service .

Vessel chartering is an important part of our business and has been a rapidly developing department in our company. Being active shipping agent in Cyprus for years, we have considerably extended the range of services offered to ship owners.

Our shipping agents and experienced staff will personally attend to the shipment port-side, both at origin and destination to ensure your cargo is loaded and received safely.

All understand the importance of on-site presence to oversee to often delicate manoeuvers.

These may involve the lifting and securing of valuable cargo on board full or part chartered vessels for either long or short voyages.

Using the extensive network of agents and vessels brokers worldwide we can locate the right vessel for you whilst negotiating the best routes and prices.

Unicomfort Freight will charter only when the job requirements and budget will justify such an undertaking. We want our customers to have full confidence that the job is carried out to the highest professional standards.

Benefits of Vessel Charters:

  • Choice of suitable charter vessel
  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Extended reach to varied destinations including those that are less frequented by other vessel chartering companies

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