Container Specifications

When it comes to choosing a forwarding agent it's always worthwhile remembering that sacrificing service for price could turn out to be false economy. After all it's your reputation that's on the line if your customer doesn't receive his or her goods when and where they were promised.

Dry containers (General Purpose)

Suitable for any general cargo. Containers may be equipped with liner bags suitable for bulk cargo, e.g. malt.

There are various lashing devices on the top and bottom longitudinal rails and the corner posts. Lashing devices have load of 1150 kgs (2205 lbs) each.

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Reefer containers

Refrigerated containers are used for goods which need to be transported at a constant temperature above or below freezing point. These goods are divided into chilled goods and frozen goods, depending on the specified transport temperature.

They principally include fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products, such as butter and cheese.

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Flat rack containers

We can offer specific equipment for heavy cargo that requires special attention, or does not fit into a standard container. We provide flat racks in length of 20' and 40', with fixed or collapsible end-walls.

This equipment is suitable for top or side loading, and ideal for items such as heavy machinery, pipes and boats.

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Open top containers

Our special open top containers are available in lengths of 20' and 40' and have been designed for over-sized cargo that does not fit into a standard container.

They are equipped with removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers, and the cargo can easily be secured with lashing bars and bull rings.

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This information is a guide only. Dimensions vary amongst shipping container lines as well as production series. For road & rail weight limits please contact our team. If you are looking for further advice or your special requirements are not yet satisfied, we are more than happy to assist you.

Please call us and let our experience work for you.